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Why TypeScript?

Javascript is hard. Why add more rules?

We firmly believe the experience TypeScript provides will help you be a better developer, regardless of where you are in your career as an engineer. Whether you're new to web development or a seasoned pro, the "strictness" of TypeScript will provide a less frustrating, more consistent experience than vanilla JS

Why Next.js?

We love React. It has made UI development accessible in ways we never imagined before. It also can lead developers down some rough paths.

Next.js offers a lightly opinionated, heavily optimized approach to creating a website using React. From routing to API definitions to image rendering, we trust Next.js to lead developers towards good decisions.

Why tRPC/Prisma/Tailwind/etc?

While we believe in keeping things as simple as possible, we find these pieces being used in every "app" like project we build. create-t3-app does a great job of letting you adopt the pieces you need


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